Rotafix Cembond Grout

Rotafix Cembond Grout is a high performance, non-shrink, non-gassing, thixotropic, cement based mortar, suitable for injection by hand or with a pumped power applicator.

This fast setting grout is ideal for beds in stone or brick walls, as Rotafix Cembond Grout has a low liquid to powder ratio providing a thixotropic(thick) mortar which completely fills all voids into which it is injected. The grout will quickly develop its compressive strength making it ideal as a pointing mortar for example.

Rotafix Cembond Grout is suitable for bonding metal components into most common masonry-type substrates making it ideal for masonry stitching using Rotafix spiroties, glass or carbon fibre rods or helical profiles.

Cembond Grout can be used with stainless steel as well as high tensile and mild steels used in reinforcing concrete. If the reinforcement has been exposed and this has led to corrosion it is best to clean the exposed steel to remove any debris then treat the exposed steelwork with Rotafix P12 Primer.

If Cembond is being applied to existing concrete or masonry to assist bonding the new mortar with existing masonry we encourage preparing the surface with Rotafix P12 primer to aid adhesion. The grout should be applied when the P12 is tacky.

Additional Information:

For masonry stitching, 60cc of cembond is required to encapsulate an 8mm bar or rod in a 12mm hole which is 1m long. So a 6 Litre pack will provide sufficient mortar for 100m of masonry stitching.

Masonry stitching kits are available that consists of Cembond Grout, helical bars and applicators in a handy kit.

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  • 6L (Product code: 3161)

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