Boron Timber Preserving Rods

Boron Rods are 100% fused octaborate cylinders that are used as a sacrificial preservative in timber window frames and timber joinery. Boron rods help to minimise wet rot, dry rot and attack from parasites and wood boring insects such as beetles.
A common use for boron rods is the protection of wooden window frames. Holes will be drilled into the verticals and bottom sash or sills near the joints in the timber and in areas where water is likely to gather. Rods are inserted into the holes then the holes capped with TM3.
As moisture enters the area the octaborate dissolves and is absorbed by the timber. The boron kills any growth of fungi or kills any infestation.
The rods are generally replaced every 5 years. Boron Rods

Additional Information:

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Supplied with:

Boron rods are supplied in packs of 10

Available Sizes:

  • 12mm x 100mm (Product code: 3607)
  • 8mm x 24mm  long
  • 12mm x 50mm long
  • 8mm x 48mm long
  • 8mm x 65mm long

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