Underground Waterproofing using Aquachem

Kohror Pakka The underground garage at the prestigious Lancaster House development presented an excellent opportunity to show the full properties of the Rotafix Cementitious and Aquachem Coating products. 

Vrbas Aquachem painted underground garage

http://ubiquis.co.uk/wp-json/wp/v2/showcase/211 The structure was mainly concrete, with a large number of cracks, fissures and gaps for water to penetrate into the garage complex. As the structure was concrete, the water dissolved free lime molecules to create an alkaline solution that had the potential to damage reinforcing bars and the paint work of the vehicles parked within the complex. 

http://siftstar.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://siftstar.com/2005/03/28/business-book-list/ P12 Primer being used to protect steel and assist adhesion




The concrete was first prepared for repair by removing any debris and loose elements, it was then coated with Rotafix P12 Primer to assist in bonding the repair mortars to the existing concrete.

Rendacrete Light Weight was then used to repair and restore the surface of the concrete. The low slump repair mortar is ideal for overhead and vertical applications where it can be applied at thicknesses up to 30mm.

Rendacrete Light wieght being applied to damaged concrete




By using prebagged cement mortars with admixes in there it is easier on site to get a consistent repeatable quality of mortars when you need them. Rendacrete Light Weight is supplied 25Kg bags and makes 12 litres of mortar.

P12 also protects the steel reinforcement used in the reinforced concrete from moisture and attack from the lime that has been used in the cement mortars. 

The polymer modified cement is waterproof but to add that extra level of protection, Rotafix Aquachem liquid damp proofing membrane was applied to the underside of the structure and the walls to give complete protection.

Aquachem will prevent moisture penetrating from the outside in and from the inside out, so works both positively and negatively.

The fine particle size and the formulation of the Aquachem create such an efficient system that it will even prevent molecules as small as Helium from passing.

Aquachem is a three-coat system, a primer coat, and two top coats. The system performs best when thin coats are roller applied. The coverage is typically 4 sq. m. depending on the substrate.

Aquachem was used to paint the floor of the garage to give a uniform appearance and a high-performance finish.

The Aquachem floor coatings are hard wearing and are not affected by tyres pulling at the surface as they are maneuvering. They are not affected by oils, diesel, petrol or most cleaning products used during the cleaning and maintenance of the garage.

Aquachem Painted Car Park

Alages and mosses will sit on the surface of the Aquachem but will not propagate or attach themselves to the Aquachem as there is no nourishment for the algae or key for it to attach to.

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