Rotafix Coatings


Aquachem Epoxy Floor Coating 

Aquachem is a solvent free, water miscible 2-part liquid epoxy floor coating that can be applied as a floor finish to concrete and cementitious surfaces. Being solvent free Aquachem is safe for medical, catering, agricultural areas and marine applications.  Combining aggregates with the top coat creates a skid resistant surface. 
Chemflor Clear

Chemflor Clear Epoxy Floor Coating

Chemflor Clear is a 2-part unfilled low viscosity epoxy coating. It can also be used as a fast setting floor primer. Chemflor Clear forms a hard colour stable, clear finish, final coat over an Aquachem flake system, decorative panels and epoxy screeds. Chemflor is a heavy duty sealer suitable for timber or concrete floors.
Chemflor CR Grey

Chemflor CR Grey Epoxy Floor Coating

Chemflor CR Grey is a 2-part solvent free epoxy floor coating designed for application to concrete, metal and brick surfaces. Chemflor CR Grey is easily cleaned and decontaminated making it ideal for food preparation and medical treatment areas. Chemflor CR can be combined with aggregrates to give an abrasive surface. Chemflor CR has been used to line everything from brake roller drums to industrial potato peelers.

Vinachem Water Repellent Masonry Sealer

Vinachem is an aqueous polymer solution containing fine acrylic particles which affords maximum active penetration into concrete, masonry and brick. This water repellant liquid can also be used on some types of soft and hard woods to form a moisture resistant protective barrier.

Pyroprotect Fire Retardant Wood Preservative

Pyroprotect™ is a Class B-s1,d0 fire retardant impregnant for interior and exterior use. Waterborne and transparent, it helps to prevent mould, rot, mildew, and fungi. Pyroprotect™ is a fire retardant impregnant for wood with excellent weather resistance properties. Suitable for processing new and wood preservative-treated wooden surfaces, not suitable for surfaces treated with film forming coatings (lacquers, paints, oils).

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