Coating Products

Please find below a selection of Case Studies provided to give you some examples of projects that have been completed using Rotafix Coating Products.


Protecting a floor from rising moisture penetration using Aquachem

This case study shows the work completed on the floor to protect the floor from moisture penetration at the wall to floor joints and penetrating through the slab. A high volume low pressure air system is used to apply the coating showing how quickly the floor can be coated.

Underground Garage Waterproofing and Painting 

This case study shows the work completed on the underground car garage located beneath Lancaster House in London. The case study shows the process of waterproofing the sealing and coatings the floors and walls with Aquachem.

Basement Tanking and Flexible Joints 

This case study shows a step by step guide to using Rotafix Zeroset WJ to create a flexible floor to wall joint and then Rotafix Rendacreate and Rotafix Aquachem coatings to create a watertight solution for basements.

Vinachem Masonry Protection

Protecting Masonry from Moisture Penetration 

This case study shows you how to protect masonry from moisture penetration by using Rotafix Vinachem to produce a breathable protective coating for your masonry.