Brake Roller refurbishment with Zeroset WJ

Aşırı kalışı gördüğüne dikkat edilmekte, faydalı olan zararımızın, konularımızın ve öğelerimizin kullanımına dikkat etme This case study has been compiled to show the application of Rotafix Zeroset WJ to the brake rollers of a rolling road in an MOT centre.

buy Lyrica 75 mg online We are grateful to Gary Whitfield of Link Garage Supplies in Hull for the photographs. 

The picture below shows the brake rollers of the rolling road that have had the previous coating removed exposing the bare stainless steel. Removal of the previous coating is essential for a level coating across the surface of the roller. The surfaces of the rollers are rough providing a key for the adhesive. They must be free of all solvents that have been used to clean the rollers.

Brake Rollers with no coating

Once the brake rollers are clean the Rotafix Zeroset WJ can be applied. The picture below shows the coating being applied by spatula. Zeroset WJ is thick paste-like adhesive with a slow cure. Zeroset WJ is designed to adhere to metallic surfaces. 

Rotafix produces two versions of Zeroset. Zeroset is pourable and the Zeroset WJ is a thicker version that does not slump. Zeroset is commonly used as an anchor grout for fixing metallic components into reinforced concrete such as lighting stands. Zeroset WJ was developed by Rotafix to allow Users to spread the adhesive as a thick coating vertically.

Zeroset WJ being applied to Brake Roller

Once the brake rollers have been completely coated with an even coating of the Zeroset WJ the grit is applied to the adhesive. The grit being applied to the rollers is Rotafix Dynagrip with a size of 1-3mm.

Grit being applied to Zeroset WJ

To ensure an even coating of the grit across the surface of the brake roller is brushed and tamped, this pushes the grit into the adhesive and removes any excess grit.

Exdess grit being brushed off brake roller

The process is repeated on the forward and rear brake rollers. A final coating is applied to the Rollers to seal the surface (trade secret coating sorry).

completed brake roller coated with Zeroset WJ and grit

The picture below shows the Brake Rollers complete with their new coating. 48 hours later the brake rollers will be ready for vehicles to be tested.

Brake rollers coated with Zeroset WJ and grit

Rotafix supplied Zeroset WJ and Dynagrip for this refurbishment.

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