Timber Engineering

If xanthan gum is chosen instead of guar gum, the solids content may be between 40 and 70 g/tablet (a). Please find below a selection of Case Studies provided to give you some examples of projects that have been completed using the Resiwood repair system and Rotafix Products.

This case study focuses on the repairs to the log cabin suffering from water ingress as a result of wet rot, open joints, and fissures in the timber. The Owner uses RSA, Borotreat and Timber inserts to effect essential repairs. 

Chigwell School

Chigwell School in Essex is a Grade 1 listed building dating back to 1816. A leaking roof has led to long term decay to main structural elements of the roof structure. Using TG6 as a bearing surface it was possible to repair in situ the roof structure with minimal disturbance. 

Rotafix repairs to windmill

Ballycopeland Windmill Fan Table Repairs using Bonded in Rods Case Study 

The Ballycopeland Windmill in Millisle, Co. Down is prime example of low disturbance methods reducing the cost and time associated with making an essential repair. The main beam on the fan table supporting the rear fan had decayed and needed to be replaced. This case study outlines the repairs using TG6, Rotafix Structural Adhesive, Bonded in Rods and Timber Resin Splice.

St Katharines Dock Bridge

St. Katharines Dock Bridge Repairs Case Study 

The Coronarium Bridge in the basin of St Katharine’s is a cantilevered rising public footbridge with each side consisting of two arms and a counter-weighted section supported by a pivot on top of the portal beam.  Over the years the bridge has been subjected to the general usage, weather as well as the occasional knock from an errant boat that has resulted in a number of structural issues that have led to decay and failure. This case study outlines the repairs using TG6, Rotafix Structural Adhesive, Bonded in Rods and Timber Coatings.

Chethams Library Repairs

Chetham’s Library, Manchester, Beam Strength Upgrade Case Study 

Chetham’s Library, which was founded in 1653, is the oldest surviving public library in Britain. The building that houses Chetham’s is even older it was built in 1421. The beautiful old sandstone buildings house a magnificent Library with rooms lined with ornate oak paneling to the walls and ceilings. Previous attempts to strengthen the roof have failed. This case looks at the sympathetic strength upgrading using TG6 and carbon fibre plates.
Soffit repairs Valleta

Sacra Infermeria, Valletta,  Soffit Repairs Case Study 

The Sacra Infermeria in Valletta, is a 15th century building used as a Hospital and now an exhibition centre. The soffits, corbels and wooden roof needed structural repairs. This case study shows the stage by stage works completed
Kiddington Hall joist repairs

Kiddington Hall TG6 Floor Joist Repair Case Study

Kiddington Hall is a Grade II listed property. Low disturbance methods were used to re-establish the integrity of the floor joists with minimal impact to the decorative ceilings below using Rotafix TG6 Structural Grout.
MTIB GluLam construction

Malaysian Glulam frame using bonded in rod connection Case Study  

The Malaysian Timber Industry Board’s (MTIB) iconic Timber Building in Tebrau, Johor Bahru, showcases Glulam’s almost unlimited design flexibility and structural strength
 Aydon Castle Floor Joist repairs

Aydon Castle Floor Joist Repair Case Study

This case study will focus on the floor joists that had been ravaged by wet rot as a result of moisture from the walls being in contact with the end grain of the timber over a protracted period.
St Albans CRFP joist repairs

St Albans Timber Resin splice using CFRP Case Study 

Reconnecting the floor/ceiling joists between the ground and first floors using timber resin splice method using carbon fibre plate and Rotafix Structural Adhesive.
Clyne castle rafter feet repairs

Clyne Castle Rafter Feet Repair Case Study 

The roof trusses of Clyne Castle were subject to prolonged water damage as a result of leaking guttering. This case study shows how new rafter feet were connected to the existing timbers.
Tourand Creek bridge strengthening

The Tourand Creek Bridge Case Study

The Tourand Creek Bridge south of Winnipeg on Highway 59 was selected as the first of its kind to undergo an innovative strengthening technique developed in conjunction with ISIS Research Canada. Upon completion, this 39-year-old structure was at least 30 percent stronger.
Newport Docks Lock Gates Repairs

Newport Docks Lock Gates Case Study 

The timber in the lock gates from Newport Docks has suffered from erosion and their attachment to the mechanical fixings has been compromised.
Zootique Structural Timber Repair

Zootique Structural Timber Repair Case Study

Timber slip and fissure injection method being used to repair splits and shakes in oak beams.
Great Barwick Timber Frame Repair

Great Barwick Timber Frame Repairs Case Study 

Water ingress via the studs has decayed the hardwood timber beam and general wear and tear caused the lower edge of the beam to decay. Splicing in new timber with Rotafix RSA gives a reassuring repair.
Canadian Arena GluLam Repair

Canadian Arena GluLam Repair Case Study  

 Water ingress into the end grain of a Glulam beam results in wet rot. Here is a step by step guide to casting a new beam end in Rotafix TG6 Timber grout.
Priory Gardens Glulam Repair

Priory Gardens Glulam Repair Case Study 

The repair was carried out in two phases to reduce the temporary works. Shear connectors were fitted into slots in the side of the beam. Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout was poured via a hopper system into the steel shoe, this system will ensure that any water that enters the shoe in the future will not affect the timber beam.
The Totem Pole Repair

The Totem Pole – Windsor Great Park Repair Case Study 

Since installation the totem pole had suffered from a lack of maintenance to the original paint. In addition, the foot of the pole had been placed in what turned out to be a totally water saturated concrete shoe support which caused extensive rot to the buried foot of the totem pole.
Norwich Cathedral connections

Norwich Cathedral Connections Case Study 

Rotafix Structural Adhesives being used in conjunction with radial arm connectors in Norwich Cathedral to create a self-supporting modern roof structure

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