It is used in the united states to treat open-angle glaucoma, usually in people who have not responded to treatment with Are you confronted with the need for structural repairs but unsure as to how they are best resolved?

Here at Rotafix we have developed solutions for many structural issues relating to timber, concrete and damp proofing in residential, commercial, historic and religious buildings.

We are regularly contacted by building control officers, surveyors, structural engineers, contractors and building owners to provide alternative solutions to a range of problems including the ripping out and replacing of timber elements,  dampness and water ingress in buildings, and damage to concrete floors.

We usually recommend contacting one of our engineers to visit you ‘on site’ to provide an expert opinion before you commit yourself to what may be significant costs associated with replacing part of the building fabric that could be repaired, preserved, reinforced and retained.

By having a Specialist Survey completed by Rotafix you will have our recommendations on repair methods, the type of materials to be used and provision of an estimate for the cost of materials required. If you do not have a specialist contractor familiar with our materials and/or methods we can either train your preferred contractor or we can recommend a contractor that would suit you best.

The cost of a survey varies according to its complexity and the location of the work.

Quaraí To find out more or to book your survey please call 01639 730481.

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