Spraying Aquachem

Desyrel hamilelikte kullanılırmış ve çok önemli kullanım gidişatı bulunmakla beraber çok fazla aşırı kalışabilmelidir. This case study has been compiled to show the application of Aquachem using a high volume air spraying system to create a high-performance system to prevent the ingress and penetration of moisture. 


The floor was a 1400msq reinforced concrete slab. The DPM had failed compromising the screed. resulting in water rising up through fissures in the concrete and through the interfaces of the walls and floor. To resolve the issue is was necessary to remove the screed and the DPM. 

Once the screed and DPM were removed the next step was to ensure that the wall to floor joints are sealed. Rotafix supply Hyperlon rubber and Zeroset WJ. The rubber is bonded to the wall and floor using the Zeroset WJ Adhesive. The rubber has a removable tape that once the screed has been applied is removed to create a clean flexible rubber strip to allow movement that will not compromise the seal.

Rotafix supplied their Aquachem tanking solution. Aquachem is a three-coat system, a base primer coat then two top coats that gives a high-performance coating that can protect against moisture and vapour penetration to a static head pressure of 10m. It will also protect against radon and methane penetration.

Aquachem will provide protection positively or negatively so when it is applied to a surface it will prevent moisture in the substrate escaping but will also protect the substrate from moisture penetrating from the outside.

Aquachem can be applied by brush, roller or by an air gun. In this instance, Aquarend used a high volume low-pressure air system to apply the coating.

The video below shows the first topcoat is applied to the primer coat by the high volume low-pressure air system. Using this system the Operator has been able to apply 40msq in less than 5 mins. The total floor area of 1400msq can be coated in under 3 hours. Typical coverage on this substrate given that is rough is 4-5msq per litre. 

Once the topcoat has had an opportunity to dry the second coat can be applied. Two thin coats on top of the Primer give the best level of protection against moisture ingress. 

The picture below shows the finished coated floor.

The final screed will be applied on top of the Aquachem giving a long-lasting floor protected from moisture ingress through the floor or joints between the floor and walls.

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