Basement Tanking and Flexible Joints

order Pregabalin online uk Rotafix provides a complete waterproofing solution for sealing basements and dwellings suffering from the ingress of moisture or water.

If a different gelling agent is chosen, the solids content of the tablet should be around 40 to 50 g/tablet (a). To ensure that the water and moisture do not penetrate the fabric of the building it is essential that all joints are sealed. Rotafix has created a system of flexible joints, purpose made adhesives, modified cement and waterproof coatings that work in unison to create a guarantee waterproof system.

The system of waterproofing wall to floor joints can equally be applied to sealing vertical joints in wall to wall connections.

The first step is to clean out any debris or loose materials from the joints and make good any significant damage to either surface using a suitable repair material such as Rendacrete LW repair mortar and if necessary any points where water is visibly leaking in should be sealed with Waterstop Epoxy.

Zeroset WJ should be brush applied liberally to the wall and floor surfaces, to give 100mm band either side of joint. 

Zeroset WJ Applied to joint

Step 2 is to place the Hypalon rubber sealing strip into the floor to wall interface  where the Zeroset WJ has been applied.

Hypalon flexible joint boned to wall using Zeroset WJ

Step 3 is to apply the Hypalon Rubber flexible joint to the Zeroset WJ on the Wall and Floor leaving the white tape in place as this will be removed once the joint has been over-coated with cement.

Use a small roller to roll over the joints to ensure that the Hypalon is fully bonded to the Zeroset WJ without creasing or wrinkles as this could create a path for water to penetrate.

Once the Zeroset WJ has dried overcoat the walls and floor with Rendacrete Tanking Mix, carefully peel away the white adhesive tape to reveal the Hypalon rubber flexible joint. Allow the rendacrete to dry.

Rendacrete applied to walls and floor

Rendacrete Tanking Mix is a polymer modified portland cement designed specifically for this application, it can be applied horizontally and vertically to a thickness of 10mm without slump.

Final step is to overcoat all Rendacrete Tanking Mix with 3 coat Aquachem™ System from Rotafix. The first coat should be Aquachem base coat followed by two coats of Aquachem liquid epoxy waterproof membrane. This will give a guaranteed waterproof coating capable of withstanding a 10m hydrostatic head of water.

Section of layers of repair

The diagram shown below in Figure 5 shows the side elevation of the wall to floor joint.

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