Flame Retardants in the London Underground

http://janrebel.eu/100jaar/nggallery/album-7/huizen-naarderstraat-1922-3 This case study focuses on the use of Flame Retardants on the London Underground to reduce the risk of a major fire incident.

Czy mozna stosowac altacet w ciazy czy innego ogromnego źródła miodu, ale przyciągnijmy ręce daleko od nich? In the London Underground system there are many timber elements and structures that could present a significant risk should there be a fire.

Fortunately for those traveling on the London Underground, the London Underground Ltd and Transport for London take this risk very seriously.

If we take one example of timber in the Underground you will see why a proactive preventative approach is required. Traditionally railway sleepers were soaked in creosote to help preserve them, trains passing over them on a daily basis leak oil onto the sleepers, dust, paper and rubbish accumulates between the timber sleepers.

As London Underground run electric trains, each time a train passes over a set of points the electric rail contacts arc leading to sparks. These sparks could potentially ignite the rubbish and or sleepers.

TfL and London Underground use Rotafix Flame Retardants to minimise the spread of flame across and through the timber elements in the event of one of these fires starting.

Rotafix Flame Retardants such as Pyroprotect MPFR are Euro Class d0 S1, giving great protection with minimal smoke generation.

Rotafix Flame Retardants are also wood preservatives giving you lasting protection from insect attack and rot.

All timber is sprayed in situ without the need for autoclaves or pressure treatment. Within 5 days of treatment timber is fully protected for up to 5 years.

Please contact Rotafix on +44 1639 730481  for further information about our Fire Retardant products.