High Adhesion (HA) Slurry Primer

High Adhesion (HA) Slurry Primer is a formulated acrylic powder with a cementitious base used as a primer coat prior to the application of repair mortars.

HA Slurry Primer

HA Slurry Primer is used as a coating to protect exposed steel reinforcing, prior to application of cement-based repair products.

This primer is water soluble and fast setting. It can be overcoated in 30-60 minutes depending on the ambient conditions on site.

HA Slurry Primer also provides chemical protection to the existing reinforcing steel that may have become exposed as a result of the spalling concrete or pieces that have been removed. Protection of the steel is important to prevent corrosive chemicals in concrete from attacking the steel weakening the strength of the building. Corrosion and expansion of the steel within the reinforcing will cause the concrete to crack and fail.

The HA slurry primary purpose is to acts as a primer tack coat to improve the adhesion of soon to be applied repair mortars and cements to the existing structure giving you a sound connection and bond between the two components.

Additional Information:

  • Coverage 1.25kgs with 500cc of water covers 1m2 at 1mm thick
  • Ready to overcoat in 30-60 minutes

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Available Sizes:

  • 1L (Product code: 3268)

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