Rotafix Rendacrete Lightweight Concrete Repair Mortar

Rotafix Rendacrete Lightweight(LW) Concrete Repair Mortar is a mixture of cements, aggregates, accelerators and polymers. Rotafix Rendacrete LW is ideal for the repair of concrete when used in conjunction with P12 Primer.  Rendacrete LW is a high build repair product so it is ideal for remedial works where the avoidance of shuttering can accelerate the progression of the repair.
Rendacrete® Lighweight Concrete Repair Mortar

Additional Information:

  • Compressive strength: 26-32N/mm2
  • Flex strength: 5N/mm2
  • Density 1500kg/m3
  • Working time 15 minutes(subject to temperature and humidity)
  • 25Kgs bag produces 19.5 litres of lightweight mortar

Supplied with:


Available Sizes:

  • 25kg (Product code: 3400)

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