Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout

Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout is a solvent free, pourable structural grout used for the reinstatement of timber beams. Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout is a filled 3- part epoxy resin system specifically designed for the repair and upgrading of beams. This unique  formula is fire rated to 1 hour. The main uses of Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout are:-

  • Timber Resin Splice
  • Wooden joist repair
  • Beam strengthening upgrades such as modified flitch
  • Wall pocket beam end replacement
  • Epoxy wood filler
  • Timber beam repair resin

Additional Information:

  • Compressive Strength: >50N/mm2
  • Tensile Strength: 17N/mm2
  • Tensile Modulus: 9GPa
  • Flex Strength: 32N/mm2
  • Bond Strength: 3N/mm2
  • Specific Gravity: 1.65
  • Workable for 50 minutes at 20°C

Supplied with:


Available Sizes:

  • 2.5 litre (Product code: 3480)
  • 7.5 litre (Product code: 3482)

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