Rotafix Lamset Liquid

Rotafix  Lamset Liquid is a 2-part liquid epoxy adhesive used for bonding and laminating timber to timber components.

Rotafix  Lamset  is used when it is not possible to purchase off the shelf a particular section size of timber. Using Rotafix  Lamset  it is possible to find a combination of standard sizes to give you that unique dimensioned timber.

Rotafix Lamset Adhesive does not require pressure or specific environmental conditions to cure, therefore it is easy with simple clamps in any dry environment to create the laminations  making it popular with manufacturing plants looking to avoid purchasing specialist equipment for those occasions when they need a bespoke approach.

Consider using Rotafix Lamset for :

  • Laminated timber exposed to the weather and elements
  • Bonding on site
  • Laminating sections
  • All wood types
  • Solvent and VOC free
  • Water based

Additional Information:

  • Workable for 30 minutes at 20°C


Available Sizes:

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