Rotafix Underwater Mortar

Rotafix Under Water Mortar is a polymer modified cementitious mortar that is capable of curing under water.

Rotafix Underwater (applied) Mortar

Rotafix Under Water Mortar powder is a blend of special cement powders, high quality graded sand, and a unique combination of polymers and admixtures. The powder, when mixed with water, produces a mortar which is wash-out resistant and waterproof. 

The ready to use mortar powders are packaged in 25kg moisture proof durable bags and have a shelf life of 2 years.

By using pre-mixed bags you will get a consistent formulation just by adding a consistent amount of water. Alternative products where admixtures are supplied separately will give inconsistent and variable results.

Properties :

  • Underwater mortar is based on Portland cement with modified polymers and then enhanced with micro silica.
  • The mortars develop an excellent putty consistency for ease of application.
  • This mortar is used above and below the waterline.
  • The mortar does not disperse, wash-out or break up underwater.
  • Forms a strong, impermeable bond to brick, stone, masonry, steel, and concrete.
  • Mortars can be built up to a level of existing profiles in one operation.
  • Produce a smooth and attractive surface.
  • Suitable for canals, rivers, reservoirs or lakes as it will not contaminate the water.
  • The formulation does not contain iron, high alumina cement, chlorides or harmful substances.
  • High yield, economical, non-flammable, non-toxic, odour free, user-friendly and safe to use in an underwater environment.


  • Repairs to Offshore and underwater marine concrete structures.
  • Repairs and waterproofs precast concrete, tunnels, culverts, sewers and pipes.
  • Points and repairs bricks, blocks, and masonry above and below the waterline.
  • Repairs concrete in tidal zones where time is limited.
  • Protects marine structures above and below the waterline.
  • Repairs concrete sea defences, harbours, jetties, docks and locks.
  • Caulk gaps, joints and seal shutters.
  • Underwater mortar stops and plugs the flow of running water or grout through brick or concrete.

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Available Sizes:

  • 25kg (Product code: 3472)

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