Resiwood Timber Engineering

Rotafix provide Timber Engineering and construction solutions using the Resiwood system of repair where plates and rods are bonded to timber to form connections. The grouts and adhesives below form part of the solution. The other part is in the design of the connection, we are happy to provide support and guidance on the design of the connection.


Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout 

Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout is a pourable 3-part structural grout designed specifically for timber repair and replacement. By using a header it is possible to pour up to fifty litres of adhesive that will flow up to a distance of 6 metres. This unique formulation ensures that it de-gases, forming a void free solid timber substitute. The mixed and cured Rotafix TG6 system has a fire rating of 1 hour.
Rotafix® Structural Adhesive

Rotafix Structural Adhesive

Rotafix Structural Adhesive (RSA) is a pumpable 2-part thixotropic system that forms a high strength epoxy adhesive. This slow setting epoxy is ideal for injecting and pumping into blind holes, side slots, cracks and fissures. This gap filling epoxy adhesive has been designed to be used as a thick film. The cured low modulus system has a degree of movement which allows it to flex with the wood.
Rotafix® Engineering Adhesive

Rotafix Engineering Adhesive

Rotafix Engineering Adhesive (EA) is a pumpable 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive similar to RSA in consistency, but modified to further increase the modulus of the cured adhesive. This slow setting, gap filling epoxy adhesive, which is designed to be used as a thick film up to 12 mm, gives the operator the opportunity to position and move the repair components.
CB10T Adhesive

Rotafix CB10T Adhesive

Rotafix CB10T Adhesive is a fast setting 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive used for bonding in rods or plates where speed is of the essence. Rotafix CB10T Adhesive is used as a thick film adhesive and can be injected into cracks , fissures, side slots and bottom slots.
Rotafix® Timberset Adhesive

Rotafix Timberset Adhesive

Rotafix Timberset Adhesive is a 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive used where the moisture content of the timber does not exceed 20% and where the timber is expected to remain in moist conditions as a result of exposure to the elements.
Resiwood® TM3 Moulding Mortar

Rotafix TM3 Moulding Mortar

Rotafix TM3 Moulding Mortar is a 2-part moulding mortar specifically designed for repairing wood and stone. Rotafix TM3 is an epoxy repair putty that can be used to replace damaged wood in window frames or ornate carvings. TM3 Moulding Mortar will not shrink once it has cured. Once cured the material can be shaped, sanded, stained, painted or varnished to blend invisibly with the parent substrate.
Consolidating Liquid Slow Set

Rotafix Consolidating Liquid Slow Set

Rotafix Consolidating Liquid Slow Set is a slow setting, 2- component epoxy liquid which when mixed will produce a low viscosity slow setting epoxy grout, suitable for either injection into concrete or for the consolidation of friable or damaged timber.
Boron Rods

Boron Rods

Boron Rods are solid 100% disodium octaborate rods of various diameters and lengths used as sacrificial preservative in timber widows and general timber joinery.
Borotreat 10P

Borotreat 10P

Borotreat 10P is a boron-based wood preservative and timber treatment, designed to preserve wood from attack from dry rot, wet rot, death watch beetle and the familiar woodworm or common furniture beetle.
Special Release Wax

Special Release Wax

Special Release Wax is used for easy release and de-moulding of timber repair components in contact with all Rotafix adhesives.
Rotaflex Rods

Rotaflex Rods

Rotaflex Rods comprise a series of pultruded unidirectional glass or carbon rods consisting of a combination of approx 80+% glass with either vinyl ester, polyester or epoxy matrix diameters of 3mm – 25 mm.
Their high shear and tensile values are used to form connections in the Resiwood system of repairs and are compatible with all Rotafix adhesives.
GFRP Plate

Rotaflex Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)

Rotaflex Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) composite technology has been specifically manufactured for Rotafix to meet our requirements to ensure compatability with our adhesives. The prime uses of CFRP in Rotafix are in the Rotafix Resiwood methods of structural upgrading of timber components with a combination of plate/strip and the chosen Rotafix structural adhesive.
CFRP Plate

Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP)

Rotaflex Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) composite technology has been specifically designed for the fabrication of continuous fibre composites via pultrusion process.
Wood Augers

Wood Augers

Rotafix stock a range of wood augers in lengths and diameters generally used for most specified timber repair and modification systems. For any specified rod diameter the drilled auger hole requires to be of a suitable size to result in a 2mm anulus of the chosen Rotafix adhesive.
Rotafix® HM PU Sealant

Rotafix HM PU Sealant

Rotafix HMPU  Sealant is a single part High Modulus PolyUrethane Sealant for joints. This product has good resistance to UV light and ageing and good adhesion to most building substrates including timber, aluminium, stainless steel and ceramics.
Rotafix® Lamset Liquid

Rotafix Lamset Liquid

Rotafix Lamset Liquid is a 2-part epoxy adhesive used for laminating or bonding timber to timber components. This fast setting thin film adhesive is ideal for building up sections of timber and can be used on site for laminating or repairing existing lamellar within a glue laminated structure without specialist equipment or a controlled environment.


Pyroprotect™ is a Class B-s1,d0 fire retardant, penetrating coating for exterior use. Waterborne and transparent, it helps to prevent mould, rot, mildew, fungi from forming. Pyroprotect™ is a fire retardant impregnant for wood with excellent weather resistance properties. It is suitable for processing new and wood preservative-treated wooden surfaces. It is not suitable for surfaces treated with film forming coatings such as lacquers, paints or oils. It can be brush or spray applied and does not require specialist treatment ovens or equipment.

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